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Bellevue Ingredients & Solutions your international partner

Based on its experience on the domestic market, Bellevue Ingredients & Solutions very quickly crossed borders to offer its export products.

Pasta Solution

Bellevue Ingredients & Solutions now represents 490,000 tons produced and sold in France and 900,000 tons sold worldwide.

Bellevue Ingredients & Solutions is internationally renowned for the quality of its products and its ability to develop solutions tailored to the needs of its customers and consumers. Its international presence is supported by strong logistical expertise.  Thanks to its strategic geographical position, the Marseille plant and the Madrague silo use wheat coming directly from the port.

Improved semolina for very high-quality soft wheat pasta


For high quality soft wheat pasta

  • The best way to limit the use of durum wheat semolina without compromising on quality
  • Only 10% will bring your pasta the durum wheat bite without its cost
  • And still durum wheat semolina that can be used as a marketing argument
  • Gives your pasta a bright, golden color
  • Improves overcooking resistance
  • Reduces the starch losses and limits stickiness
Technical solution for the production of 100% soft wheat pasta with organoleptic properties comparable to durum wheat pasta


Pasta improver for pasta based on 100% soft wheat flour

  • Strengthens texture by improving the firmness and elasticity of pasta
  • Gives your pasta a bright golden yellow color
  • Whatever the price of durum wheat, keep the price of your pasta under control

-Improvers formulated with an enzymatic complex specific to the flours used and the expected result

-Reduces the release of starch into the cooking water

-Improves overcooking resistance