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Leader in durum wheat processing in France

Bellevue Ingredients & Solutions operates in all market segments:

industry, export, but also with specific brands for distribution and supermarkets.

our brands

Discover our brands for professionals and for the public: Food Tec, Pasta Solution, Expert Gold, Zakia Pro, Super Farines and Le Renard.

Expert Gold

100% durum wheat and Clean Label solutions.

Discover new features through our expertise in wheat blending, milling combinations and processing procedures : 3 expert ranges (GEM, PEPITE and PERLE).

Food Tec

Our “instant” solutions

Discover our easy-to-use “instant” solutions for ready meals and delicatessen preparations via our main range FOODTEC.

Pasta Solution

Solutions for the pasta and couscous industry

Discover our durum wheat semolina and our complementary ranges.

Super Flours

A clean label and vegan range!

Discover the Super Flours, a combination of durum wheat with mixed powders and vegetable flours to diversify your offer with innovative and delicious products.

The Super Flours will improve your nutri-score and offer colourful and tasty products.

3 categories: Colours & Flavours, Nutritude and Ancient Grain.

GEM Plus

A range for your needs!

Discover our functional durum wheat flours adapted to your baking processes and specially formulated for your industrial bakery applications.



50 years after its creation, Le Renard offers its semolina in 4 grain sizes:
Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Coarse in formats to suit all needs: 1kg, 5kg, 15kg and 25kg, but also its couscous in 2 grain sizes: Fine and Medium available in 1 kg and 5 kg sizes.



ZAKIA was born in Oran, Algeria, in the 1950s with the desire to accompany families in the preparation of their daily meals. This is how the famous yellow bag of couscous Zakia was born. It quickly became a must in the composition of dishes such as couscous and homemade tabbouleh.


Learn more about ZAKIA


Functional ingredients with exceptional properties!

The Durum Gel range consists of pregelatinized durum wheat flours and semolinas of different granulometries.
These have undergone a pregelatinization stage which gives them special properties.


1st durum wheat provider in France
45 countries delivered
3 production sites in France
2 research center: CRECERPAL and DURUM CENTER