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Discover our range Le Renard, n°1 from mother to daughter for more than 50 years, and Zakia Pro to bring a professional touch to your oriental pastries.


50 years after its creation, Le Renard offers its semolina in 4 grain sizes:
Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Coarse in formats to suit all needs: 1kg, 5kg, 15kg and 25kg, but also its couscous in 2 grain sizes: Fine and Medium available in 1 kg and 5 kg sizes.


Ready-to-use preparations

La Royale

Extra-fine durum wheat semolina of superior quality, resulting from a selection of the best grains with an intense yellow colour and a unique lightness.

Extra-Fine Semolina

Used to prepare bread, but also to make pancakes or cakes.

Fine semolina

For the preparation of pasta, pancakes or cakes.

Coarse and Medium Semolinas

Ideal for oriental pastries.

La Complète

Durum wheat semolina is rich in fibre and will fit perfectly into your daily diet.



Fine couscous

Our superior quality couscous is perfect for the realization of traditional dishes, savoury or sweet.

Medium couscous

Our superior quality couscous is perfect for the realization of traditional dishes, savoury or sweet.

Ready-to-use preparations

Thousand hole pancakes

Ready-to-use preparation to quickly make delicious thousand hole pancakes, with incorporated yeast and without resting time for a guaranteed optimal result.


Ready-to-use preparation to easily prepare exquisite makrouts, semolina cakes stuffed with dates very popular in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Discover this new recipe!

Matlouh et Kesra

Ready-to-use preparation to make the famous matlouh/batbout and kesra breads.
Wake up your taste buds with these authentic breads from all over the Maghreb!

Oriental Brioches

Ready-to-use preparation to make delicious oriental brioches.

Chamia Kalb El Louz

Ready-to-use preparation to make this Algerian pastry from Constantine, made from semolina, almonds, honey and orange blossom. 
So delicious!

Msemen - Meloui

Ready-to-use preparation for these essential flaky pancakes from the Maghreb: delicious, melting inside and crispy outside. 

Naan Bread

Flagship element of Indian gastronomy, nobody can resist this soft bread, ideal to accompany all dishes in everyday life. This ready-to-use preparation makes your life easier and guarantees a regular and optimal result.

Kebab Bread

A must-have for street food lovers: a kebab bread easy to prepare for everyone!

Stuffing for Gazelle Horn

Ready-to-use preparation for a soft and melting stuffing, with the good taste of almond.


ZAKIA was born in Oran, Algeria, in the 1950s with the desire to accompany families in the preparation of their daily meals. This is how the famous yellow bag of couscous Zakia was born. It quickly became a must in the composition of dishes such as couscous and homemade tabbouleh.


Learn more about ZAKIA

ready meals

Extra-Fine Semoulina

The Extra-Fine Zakia semolina accompanies you in the confection of your Msemmen, Melloui, Beghrir, Ghribia…

Fine Semolina

Elaborated with high quality durum wheat, Zakia fine semolina is the essential ingredient for the success of your Harcha, Cherchoukha and Kesra.

Medium Semolina

Makrout, Tamina, Harcha… Zakia medium semolina will quickly become an indispensable ally for the success of your recipes.


Fine and Medium Couscous

Zakia uses all its expertise to offer you superior quality couscous seeds with the perfect texture. Let yourself be seduced by the lightness of Zakia couscous! Its bright yellow seeds roll up perfectly to satisfy all your requirements, from preparation to tasting.


Bird's Tongue

Made with care from high quality durum wheat semolina, Bird Tongues are the ideal ingredient for the elaboration of your Tlitli and all your soups and soups.


Plomb are the ideal ingredient for the elaboration of your M’hamsa and all your soups and soups.

Angel Hair

Angel hair is the ideal ingredient for the elaboration of your Seffa, but also for the Chorba and all your soups and soups.

ready meals

Beef Ravioli

These modern and playful ravioli are made with a firm dough and a filling rich in beef: the assurance to prepare a delicious meal in all simplicity!

Poultry Ravioli

A gourmet alternative to beef ravioli!

Bolognese Sauce

Discover a delicious Bolognese sauce rich in vegetables and pieces of Halal meat. Packaged in an easy-to-handle glass jar, this sauce will allow you to prepare a delicious meal in no time at all.

Spicy Tomato Sauce

Zakia Spicy Tomato Sauce is a tasty recipe cooked with small vegetables and chilli pepper. Enjoy it directly cold to coat pasta, rice, meat and vegetables or hot for all your homemade dishes. Practical and tasty, it will quickly become essential!