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Expert Gold is a range of ingredients from the first and second processing of durum wheat.

Expert Gold

100% durum wheat and Clean Label solutions.

Discover new features through our expertise in wheat blending, milling combinations and processing procedures : 3 expert ranges (GEM, PEPITE and PERLE).

Pure fractions and blends of different "core grain" fractions
Gem 120

Micronized durum wheat flour. In puff pastry it allows a more colourful, more yellow/creamy dough. It gives a crispier, more melt-in-the-mouth texture, a less floury and more Viennese pastry taste.

Gem 250

Durum wheat flour developed for use in bakery, Viennese pastries, cakes, biscuits, pizza and pasta.

Gem 280F

Complete durum wheat flour naturally rich in fibre.

Gem 450

Semolina heart of grain. Specific grain size adapted to flouring and breadmaking.

Markers - texturizers with a specific grain size
Pépite XS, S, M XL

Specific grain size from XS to XL.

Pépite HT

Hydrothermalized durum wheat semolina with a low bacteriological load and containing pregelatinized starch.

Pure fractions and assemblages of different peripheral fractions (fibres - micronutrients - germs)
Perle F

Semolina suitable for chalking in breadmaking and coating.

Perle G

Durum wheat germ resulting from a patented dry extraction process with no heat treatment (preservation of nutritional qualities).