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Solutions for the pasta and couscous industry

Pasta Solution

Solutions for the pasta and couscous industry

Discover our durum wheat semolina and our complementary ranges.

Improved semolina based on an international PANZANI patent, the result of a 10-year R&D program


For high quality soft wheat pasta:

  • Gives your pasta a shiny golden colour
  • Improves firmness
  • Reduces stickiness and starch release​
  • Improves baking tolerance
  • Better resistance to overcooking​
  • Improves shape stability​
  • The economical solution for a result close to pasta made with 100% durum wheat
  • Possibility to mark “durum wheat”on the packaging.
Pasta improver for high quality soft wheat pasta


Pasta improver for pasta based on 100% soft wheat flour :

  • Technical solution for the production of dry pasta from 100% soft wheat with the same organoleptic properties as pasta with 100% durum wheat
  • Improves colour and texture (elasticity firmness)
  • For soft wheat pasta with durum wheat attributes
  • Reduces starch release
  • Improves baking resistance and color